How We Got Back Together 
by Justin Sinclair

Of course, if things had been going well, she'd have believed the (truthful) explanation. A colleague getting overenthusiastic when we'd just won a big advertising pitch. It was hugs and kisses all round, I think I even kissed my boss, and he's the father of four and built like a quarterback.
But things hadn't been going well. We'd moved in together, and frankly we were driving each other mad.I love her like crazy, but I just wasn't used to accounting for my actions, minute by minute. That girl loves to text. Every second of the day, where am I, what am I doing, what did I have for lunch, do you want steak for dinner - the constant texts made me feel like a prisoner under observation.

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 But after the fight, I missed them. I missed the almost continuous low "ting" that heralded a message coming in. I missed my phone come to that, and had to go get a new one. Fortunately, my plan let me have my old number.

No texts. Not one. So, I decided to reverse roles. I sent her texts, day and night. "I miss waking up with you." "I heard our song just now and it made me cry." "Are you lonesome tonight?" "My love is like a red, red rose." Every cliche, every romantic memory, every song, every poem,every thing which had meant something to us, I texted it to her.

And not in text language. No - I used fully spelled out, beautifully punctuated English.

Finally, one day, my phone went "ting". And it was her. "Yes, I do miss you." I texted her straight back, "I'm so sorry we fought, I was an idiot." Back she came. "I believe you about the lipstick."

Then it just became too much, I dialed her number, and we talked, and then that wasn't enough, so I literally ran to our old place, and she was waiting for me.....

She still texts a lot, but not as much as before. We had a good old fashioned face to face conversation, and I told her how I didn't want to feel she was spying on me. We made an agreement to talk more and text less. 4 me its going gr8.